Best Cleaning companies in Brampton

Welcome to our comprehensive guide to Brampton’s Top 10 Best Cleaning Companies! Whether you are searching for home or office maintenance, locating an appropriate cleaner is vital. Luckily, Brampton, Ontario, Canada, boasts many diverse providers, each providing special skills and knowledge for professional office maintenance needs.

As part of this compilation, we extensively researched and evaluated the top 10 cleaning companies in Brampton. Each has proven its proficiency in providing exceptional services with cutting-edge technologies, eco-friendly practices, and well-trained staff members for superior results.

List of Top 10 Best Cleaning Companies in Brampton

1. Eliny Cleaning Services


Phone number: +1 647 771 6129

2. Project Cleaning


Phone number: +1 416 893 1815

3. Molly Maid


Phone number: +1 855 223 5851

4. EH! Maids


Phone number: +1 647 689 6110

5. Happy Home House Cleaning


Phone number: +1 905 878 9930

6. Love Clean Services


Phone number: +1 437 388 8185

7. Superior Maids


Phone number: +1 647 885 6665

8. Brampton Cleaning Services


Phone number: +1 416 832 6148

9. United Services Group


Phone number: +1 905 595 4830

10. Diamond Shine Cleaning Services


Phone number: +1 647 867 7102

What services does a cleaning company in Brampton typically provide?

Brampton’s Cleaning companies typically offer services tailored to address multiple cleaning requirements in commercial and residential properties. Some common examples are: 

Residential Cleaning:

a) Regular House Cleaning: Attending to the cleaning needs of a house. 

b) Deep Cleaning: Deep cleans the places that are hard to reach. 

c) Move-In/Move-Out Cleaning: Prepping the house for new occupants or after moving out is also an additional option for keeping it looking its best!

d) Post-Construction Cleaning: Clearing away debris and dust from renovation or construction work. 

e) Carpet Cleaning: Steam cleaning or shampooing carpets to eliminate dirt and stains. 

Commercial Cleaning: 

a) Office Cleaning: Sanitizing workstations, conference rooms, and common areas to promote health in an office setting.

b) Retail Store Cleaning: Ensuring cleanliness in retail environments.

c) Restaurant Cleaning: Uphold health standards by regularly cleaning dining areas, kitchen equipment, and equipment used by chefs at dining venues. 

d) Medical Facility Cleaning: Specialized healthcare cleaning to maintain safety.

e) Educational Institution Cleaning: Establishing an optimal learning environment by cleaning schools and classrooms. 

Specialized Cleaning Services:

a) Window Washing: Window washing/cleaning is available for a window’s interior and exterior sides. 

b) Upholstery Cleaning Services: This service focuses on stain removal from furniture/upholstery.

c) Tile and Grout Cleaning: Restoring tile surfaces through deep cleansing. 

d) Air Duct Cleaning: Eliminating dust and debris from HVAC systems to improve air quality. 

e) Pressure Washing: High-pressure exterior washing to improve curb appeal, restore deck surfaces or driveways, etc.

f) Janitorial Services: Services aimed at keeping an office running efficiently.

g) Restroom Cleaning and Sanitization Services: Complete renovation and deep sanitization of restroom facilities. 

Green Cleaning Solutions: 

Environmental-friendly Cleaning: Employing eco-friendly products and methods for sustainable cleaning solutions is essential to a lasting cleaning solution.

Noticing that cleaning services may differ between cleaning companies is critical when hiring one in Brampton. When speaking with potential candidates, your needs and requirements must be clearly communicated, along with questions regarding any services they offer to find one that can effectively meet them.

Considerations When Selecting a Cleaning Company

Before choosing a cleaning service provider for residential or commercial property cleaning needs, several important considerations must be kept in mind, including the following:

1. Experience and Reputation: Look for a cleaning company with years of experience and customer reviews as proof. Additionally, take the time to read customer testimonials or ratings on sites such as Yelp to assess its reputation and level of customer satisfaction.

2. Services Offered: When hiring a cleaning service provider, ensure they can fulfill the services that meet your requirements – regular house or office cleaning, carpet cleaning services, or anything else that might arise. They must have the experience and know-how necessary to meet them all successfully.

3. Verification of Insurance and Certifications: Before hiring any cleaning service provider, verify their insurance and certification credentials. Insurance provides protection in case an accident or damages occur during cleaning processes, while certification provides safeguards against potential liabilities in case accidents do arise during this process.

4. Hire Trained and Background-Checked Staff: Before choosing any company for cleaning services on your property, ask about its hiring process and whether its staff undergoes proper training and background checks. Anyone entering your premises must be a trusted professional with whom you feel safe doing business.

5. Customization and Flexibility: Search for a provider who offers tailored cleaning services to meet their clientele’s unique requirements. A company offering one-time cleans and regularly scheduled visits should accommodate these preferences accordingly.

6. Cleaning Products and Equipment: Inquire about what cleaning products and equipment the company employs for maximum effectiveness. A reliable service provider should use effective yet safe agents while using cutting-edge tools and equipment for ultimate success.

7. Pricing and Transparency: Inquire about their pricing structure and any extra charges. Taking an upfront and transparent approach helps prevent unpleasant surprises later.

8. Customer Support and Communication: Evaluate how responsive and attentive a cleaning company is toward customer needs and communication regarding answering queries or responding quickly to concerns raised.

Why Hire a Cleaning Company? 

Hiring professional cleaners has many advantages, making selecting one an intelligent decision for residential and commercial properties. Here are just a few compelling arguments in support of opting for this option:

● Professional Cleaning Results: Professional cleaners possess the experience, tools, and training to consistently produce high-quality cleaning results that may prove more efficient than attempting them yourself. Their trained cleaners employ effective techniques for maximum cleanliness – something DIY cleaning may need help with.

● Timesaving: Cleaning can be time-consuming for larger or more complex properties. Hiring professionals will help you focus on other essential aspects of life or business while leaving cleaning services to take care of everything for you.

● Consistent Cleaning Schedule: Professional cleaners offer flexible scheduling options that enable them to provide regular and thorough cleaning at your property, creating an enduring healthy and clean environment for you and your guests.


Opting for professional cleaning service companies offers numerous advantages. From producing top-quality results to saving time and more, they intend to provide all the services as a package. Picking one among the top 10 cleaning companies in Brampton is an intelligent move to fulfill and receive superior cleaning solutions.

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