Best Hair Salons in Brampton

Finding a salon that meets all your expectations regarding haircare can be difficult, and Brampton, Ontario, Canada, provides many professional options when searching for professional salon services. From trendy haircuts and color transformations to pampering and luxurious treatments – Brampton’s hair salons have you covered. Below we have provided our list of the top 10 hair salons in Brampton known for exceptional services provided by experienced stylists with top customer experiences, so your search process goes smoother.

List of the Top 10 Hair Salons in Brampton

1. Mako Hair Salon


Contact: +1 905 497 1988

2. House of Mann


Contact: +1 905 459 5485

3. Koi Hair Studio


Contact: +1 905 450 0073

4. Bella Mia Hair Studio


Contact: +1 905 457 7364

5. Sophie’s Professional Hair Design and Hair Salon


Contact: +1 416 721 9384

6. Hollywood Hair Creative Flair


Contact: +1 905 790 6775

7. Aujla Salon & Spa


Contact: +1 905 789 8800

8. Mane Attraction Hair Studio


Contact: +1 905 451 6263

9. Salon 247


Contact: +1 905 451 0247

10. Mahek Beauty Salon


Contact: +1 416 748 7574

What services do Hair Salons in Brampton Provide? 

Salons provide a comprehensive array of hair care and styling services to address individual clients’ specific haircare and styling requirements. Their offerings may differ based on size, stylists’ expertise, and focus (high-end salons may offer luxurious treatments). Here are some standard services typically provided at the top 10 hair salons in Brampton:

1. Haircuts: At its core, haircutting services involve trimming hair to achieve its desired length and style. Salons offer the service for all. Some salons even specialize in children-specific cuts!

2. Hair Styling: Salons provide hair styling services such as blow-drying, curling, straightening, and setting hair using various tools and techniques to achieve unique styles for their customers.

3. Hair Coloring Services: Salons provide hair coloring services such as highlights and lowlights and all-over color services such as balayage, ombre, or other customized techniques for highlights or lowlights.

4. Hair Extensions: Many salons provide extensions made of either human hair or synthetic materials to add length or volume to natural locks.

5. Hair Treatments: Treatments can help improve hair condition by providing deep conditioning, keratin treatments, hair masks, or protein treatments to treat damaged locks.

6. Perms and Texturizing: Perms add curls or waves to straight hair, while texturizing treatments can instantly enhance or diminish volume and frizz.

7. Bridal and Special Occasion Styling: Hair salons frequently offer special occasion styling services, including bridal hair and updos for prom or other formal events.

8. Shampooing and Conditioning: Hair salons typically provide professional shampooing and conditioning services to efficiently cleanse and nourish the hair. 

9. Scalp Treatments: When seeking remedies to tackle problems like dryness, dandruff, or excess oil production, professional scalp treatments may also be offered at select salons.

10. Men’s Grooming: Hair salons may also provide grooming services specifically tailored to male customers, including beard trimming, shaping, and styling.

Why Is Going to the Hair Salon Essential? 

For many reasons, visiting a hair salon is necessary for maintaining healthy and well-styled locks. Here are a few reasons why regular visits should take place:

1. Professional Expertise: Reputable salon hair stylists have extensive knowledge and experience in caring for and styling hair, providing assessments to assess its condition, texture, and style while offering tailored recommendations and solutions to address any concerns or achieve your desired look.

2. Customized Hair Care: Going into a salon allows for customized services tailored specifically to you, whether deep conditioning treatments, scalp therapy sessions, or finding the ideal haircut – everything will be provided individually to improve its health and appearance.

3. Trendy Haircuts and Styles: Salons provide access to cutting-edge trends, techniques, and styles. Visiting one ensures you can stay trendy by accessing trendy haircuts and hairstyles available now – providing ample opportunity for experimentation while staying fashionable!

4. High-Quality Hair Products: Reputable salons use professional-grade hair products not usually found in retail stores to nourish and protect their client’s hair to preserve its health and shine. These items aim to nurture, repair, and nourish hair for excellent health and shine.

5. Stress Relief and Pampering: The salon can be relaxing and rejuvenating. Its environment provides an escape from daily rigor. Additionally, services like scalp massages during shampooing provide pampering services that relieve tension while increasing well-being overall.

Things to Consider Prior to Making an Appointment

Suppose you’re considering making an appointment with the salon for hair in Brampton. In that case, it is essential to consider the following factors to ensure an enjoyable experience. These include:

• Reviews and Reputation: Check the reputation by reviewing online reviews written by former clients and online testimonials. Specifically, look out for feedback regarding services rendered and customer experience provided by stylists. A salon with many positive reviews will likely offer more quality service than those with limited or no testimonials.

• Services Offered: Evaluate what services a salon has available before deciding. Ensure they can offer all your desired services – such as haircuts, color services, styling treatments, or anything else specific – without fail.

• Stylist Expertise: Research the credentials and experience of salon stylists before making your selection. Skilled stylists are more likely to understand your hair needs and deliver desired results than less experienced counterparts.

• Cleanliness and Hygiene: For an enjoyable salon experience, ensure the salon follows a strict sanitary procedure by prioritizing cleanliness to retain hygiene standards.

• Pricing: When searching for the ideal salon, ensure its pricing meets your budget and the required services. Bear in mind that higher costs don’t always guarantee better services. So, consider how the reputation and expertise of each salon may affect price in a balanced approach to selecting one.

Why Select a Hair Salon in Brampton?

Finding an appropriate salon provides several advantages and benefits. Here are just a few reasons for considering a hair salon in Brampton: 

• Convenience 

• Community support 

• Familiarity with hair types

• Personal recommendations

• Seasonal considerations 

• Understanding local culture


Selecting a salon in Brampton provides numerous advantages, from proximity and convenience to quality services catering to different hair types. With salons catering to different hair types and styles, you can experience premium services while keeping up-to-date on the latest looks!

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