Best Pizza Stores in Brampton

Today, about 90 percent of people in Brampton and other cities of Canada consume yummy flavored pizzas at least once a month. The increase in demand for pizzas has led to the establishment and popularity of pizza stores in almost every area of Brampton. If you are a pizza lover, you should stay aware of certain aspects of the top 10 pizza stores in Brampton highlighted in our blog post.  

List of Top 10 Pizza Stores in Brampton

1. Domino’s Pizza in Brampton


Phone Number-+1 905-459-9090

2. Pizzaville


Phone Number-+1 416-736-3636

3. Grabb-a-Pizza


Phone Number-+1 905-454-9200

4. Family Pizza


Phone Number-+1 905-495-6666

5. Gusto Pizzaria Inc


Phone Number-+1 905-455-1010

6. Venezia Pizza Heartlake


Phone Number-+1 905-846-3648′

7. City South Pizza


Phone Number-+1 905-783-5556

8. Pizza Nova


Phone Number-+1 416-439-0000

9. Boston Pizza Kennedy & Steeles


Phone Number-+1 905-455-8500

10. Tonino’s Pizzeria & Panini


Phone Number-+1 905-495-7737

Overview of a Pizza Store 

A pizza store is an eatery, where chefs prepare pizzas to sell and serve to its customers. Pizza style and flavor depend on the specific location and restaurant choice.

Equipment and Supplies Kept by Pizza Stores 

The combination of kitchen equipment and other supplies of the top 10 pizza stores in Brampton vary a lot from traditional restaurants. Accordingly, pizza stores have equipment to prepare pizza dough, such as dough sheeters and proofing cabinets, varieties of ovens to cook pies, and warming bags or serving stands to serve pizzas. Besides, any good pizza supplier in Brampton may have the following items-

• Pizza ovens of diverse size 

• Refrigeration device 

• Preparation stations, like dough sheeters, proofers, or presses

Every pizza store keeps a fryer and a few basic restaurant essentials. 

What are the types or sizes of pizzas in a pizza store?

The top 10 pizza stores in Brampton of Canada supply pizzas in multiple sizes. If we classify broadly, pizzas are available in large, medium, and small sizes. However, their sizes may be anything between 8 inches in diameter and 18 inches in diameter. On the other hand, the flavor depends on the ingredients used to stuff any pizza. 

How much does a pizza cost in a pizza store?

The price of a pizza on average varies among states. A large pizza often costs from $10 to $15 regardless of the flavor you choose. However, the cost will reduce gradually depending on medium and small-size pizzas.

What are the Additional Items in a Pizza Store Menu

Even though pizzas are prime attractions of any pizza store, a few good stores may include several other items. These include chicken wings, salads, burgers, sandwiches, French fries, calamari, and mozzarella sticks. 

What is the average income of pizza restaurants?

The average income of any of the top 10 pizza stores in Brampton will depend on many factors. These include location, size, sales, revenue, profitability, and costs. Any good pizza shop owner may earn anything from $60,000 to $1,50,000 in a year based on his experience. 

How to Choose a Pizza Store in Brampton

You should consider the following things to choose the top 10 pizza stores in Brampton.

Online Reviews 

Online reviews are the best ways to determine reputed pizza restaurants in Brampton. Check the reviews to get an idea of experiences at specific restaurants. The reviews are available widely on several websites. Dedicate some time to check reviews and ratings to find the right information and make a wise choice. 

Convenience of the Store

Convenience is a significant factor to shortlist the top 10 pizza stores in Brampton. A few people like to enjoy outings to have meals. Good restaurants offer reliable pizza delivery solutions and an enjoyable way to dine. These eateries also ease the process to access food. 

Pizza Menus and Prices 

You should make sure that the pizza restaurant you choose offers the types or flavors of pizzas you like. Besides, you should check the prices offered by good pizza outlets in your area. Luckily, the top 10 pizza stores in Brampton work tirelessly to deliver the best pizzas to their customers at the most affordable price. You may contact such restaurants by visiting their websites or calling them. 

Style of Pizzas 

Before the mixing of dough starts or the oven fires up, pizza restaurants choose a specific pizza style. The style may be anything, like a soft crush with dry or fresh mozzarella, crispy pizza, or a crunchy pizza stuffed with grated mozzarella. Depending on the pizza style, store owners choose everything suitably while preparing it.

Flour/Dough Measurements 

Making good dough for pizzas starts with measuring the amount of flour to use. Good pizza recipes need ingredients measured via weight instead of volume. In this situation, pizza stores use a scale to use the right amount of flour regardless of the compression level. The scale also measures other ingredients, like yeast, salt, and water in a same bowl.

Types of Flour

Flour is a prime ingredient for preparing pizza dough. The flour type has a significant influence on the outcome. Considering this, the top 10 pizza stores in Brampton use the best quality of all-purpose flour. Moreover, a few such centers also choose bread flour and other protein-rich flour options to prepare a chewier dough and a delicious pizza.

Kneading Method 

Kneading gives a proper structure to every baked product. Stand mixers help when stores need to prepare several pizzas. Dough may leave to sit out overnight in a bowl covered by plastic wrap. In this way, the dough becomes ready for stretching and shaping the next day. 


Moving out to have pizza for lunch or dinner is an excellent way to spend time with family members and friends. Get information on pizza stores to visit there and make your weekends and holidays memorable. 

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