Best Car Dealerships in Brampton

Car has recently become an essential mode of transportation in the city of Brampton. Whether you work in office or love to travel with others, you need a car for safe and comfortable journey. However, if you want the best deal, look for one of the top 10 car dealerships in Brampton

What is a car dealership?

A car dealer or a car dealership refers to a business that sells used or new cars. These experts sell vehicles at retail prices according to dealership contracts with automobile manufacturing companies and their sales subsidiaries. A few car dealerships in Brampton also sell spare automobile parts and provide maintenance services. 

List of Top 10 Car Dealerships in Brampton

1. 22G. Auto Sales Limited


Phone Number-+1 905-455-0022

2. Somerville National Leasing and Car Rentals


Phone Number-+1 416-252-6956

3. CA Auto Sales 


Phone Number-+1 905-796-2800

4. Brampton Auto Mall


Phone Number-+1 844-863-2801

5. Brampton Auto Center


Phone Number-+1 647-631-8755

6. Auto Park Brampton 


Phone Number-+1 877-581-1971

7. Acez Auto Sales 


Phone Number-+1 905-872-7367

8. Auto Planet Brampton


Phone Number-+1 888-977-4723

9. BR Motors


Phone Number-+1 905-791-3300

10. Wmz Auto Sales 


Phone Number-+1 905-455-2121

Criteria to Assign Top 10 Car Dealerships in Brampton

We have conducted thorough research and shortlisted the top 10 car dealerships in Brampton based on their reputation, various online reviews from car buyers, and their Facebook pages. Besides, we also analyzed the availability of car inventories and checked the company’s portfolio to provide you with the names of the best dealers in Brampton.

How Car Dealerships in Brampton Benefit You

Approaching one of the top 10 car dealerships in Brampton will benefit you in the following ways-

Availability of Multiple Options in a Single Place 

If you visit car dealers or check models from their websites, you may see several options. Accordingly, you may compare the alternatives right away, both from inside and outside. Furthermore, depending on your chosen vehicle model or brand, you may even analyze models while test-driving on the road. In this way, you may quickly pick the vehicle that fulfills the needs of you and your fellow travelers. 

High-Quality Vehicles

Car owners often want to replace their cars and vehicles whenever they become old, wear out, or cause any other problems. In this situation, you may visit nearby car dealers in Brampton to check many new models. In some cases, dealers offer top models as demos or lease returns. Such deals may let you find cars and vehicles in relatively good condition. 

Facility to Exchange Cars Is Possible 

One of the prime benefits of looking for car dealers in Brampton is that they allow you to sell your vehicles along with buying them. Even though you may sell your old car model on your own, trading it with a trustworthy dealer may save you effort and valuable time. Besides, you will end up saving lots of money, which further helps you to avoid stress. 

Availability of Multiple Payment Options 

Many car dealerships in Brampton do much more than provide finance and affordable rates of interest on your pre-owned vehicles. They especially provide rates, which are typically lower than the ones offered by the banks with your car loan. 

Moreover, if you have a fair credit score according to the norms of Brampton-based banks, you may get a second and third financing opportunity for your chosen vehicle. All these have become possible with agreements of car dealers with several financial institutions.  

Give Peace in Your Mind 

The top 10 car dealerships in Brampton of Canada are members of the Canadian Centre for Audit Quality. Hence, such dealerships must follow a strict code related to ethics, especially in terms of confidentiality. Simultaneously, every dealer needs to perform mandatory safety inspections on their offered vehicles. 

A few dealerships even offer extended car warranties and let you return the vehicle models after a specified number of days. In this way, you may return or exchange your vehicle if you have any dissatisfaction related to the vehicle’s performance. 

Other than that, certified and pre-owned programs to meet the requirements of manufacturers will give further peace of mind. The reason is that dealers inspect the vehicle thoroughly from inside and out as well as repair them before they put them on sale. 

How to Choose the Top 10 Car Dealerships in Brampton

You have already known the benefits of looking for the top 10 car dealerships in Brampton. However, how can a car buyer or car owner choose the best car dealer in the city? For this, you should check the following criteria-

The Reputation of the Dealer

Whether you go to buy a new or used car, you should check the reputation of a car dealership business. For this, you should research a bit on the expertise and experience of a business and its staff. Furthermore, you should check car dealership-related online reviews and the business’s Facebook page. If possible, you should check the portfolio of a prospective car dealer from its official website. 

Ask Your Friends and Family Members 

You should check with your friends and family members to gain information about the dealerships they contacted for their latest car purchases. Such people will always give you the best-ever recommendations. Especially, you should ask about their overall buying experience. 

Check the Inventory of Car Lots 

Inventory of any pre-owned car dealership in Brampton or other Canadian cities changes frequently. In this situation, you may not know beforehand the models by the car dealership while buying. However, you may check the volume of inventory (car models and types) kept by different dealerships. 

Car lots containing bulk inventory may give you several options. Moreover, a large inventory with a relatively fast turnover indicates that the lot receives new vehicles constantly. Hence, you will get plenty of options while searching for the right one. 


Overall, the top 10 car dealerships in Brampton help you in finding the best new and used cars at the most budget-friendly rate. Therefore, regardless of the type and model of vehicle you are looking for, you will always get profit from your deal. 

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