Best Immigration Consultants in Brampton

Relocation of your permanent residency to Brampton, and getting a study, work, or tourist visa may sometimes become confusing and stressful if you do not know anything about it. Each task involves producing many documents and dealing with so much information, the entire process may sometimes become overwhelming. 

Here comes the role of the top 10 immigration consultants in Brampton. These professionals use their knowledge and expertise to complete every legal formality while you inquire about immigration-related matters in Canada.

List of Top 10 Immigration Consultants in Brampton

1. Jet Immigration


Phone Number-+1 905-595-2255

2. Global Immigration Consultancy Services


Phone Number-+1 905-789-1380

3. BIC Canada Immigration


Phone Number-+1 905-497-2018

4. Brampton Immigration Consultancy


Phone Number-+1 437-993-0000

5. Star Immigration Consultancy Inc



Phone Number-+1 905-457-3131

6. Crown Immigration Corporation


Phone Number-+1 905-789-7744

7. Allstream Canada Immigration 


Phone Number-+1 905-599-7000

8. Sharkish Immigration Inc Immigration Consultant


Phone Number-+1 905-488-4924

9. 7 Seas Immigration Inc



Phone Number-+1 905-946-0780

10. Royal Canadian Immigration 


Phone Number-+1 905-790-0442

Selection Criteria for Rating the Immigration Consultants in Brampton

We have chosen the top 10 immigration consultants in Brampton based on their knowledge level and expertise to fulfill legal requirements and documentation for their clients willing to get a temporary or permanent Canadian visa. Besides, we have checked the years of war experience, certification, online reviews, and recommendations to provide you with trustworthy immigration consultants while you enter the border of Canada. 

What are the functions of an immigration consultant in Brampton?

The top 10 immigration consultants in Brampton have the necessary education and expertise to help their clients throughout the process while applying to immigrate to Brampton, becoming a Canadian citizen, and acquiring a student visa, residence permit, or work visa. However, immigration consultants in Brampton must fulfilldiverse responsibilities for their clients, which include the following-

For Permanent Residents 

The Brampton City of Canada has certain government regulations, laws, programs, legal rights, and mandatory immigration rules, which you should be aware of and understand well while entering Canada. In this situation, immigration consultants check and make sure of the appropriate documentation while applying for a program or crossing the border to land. 

For Tourists, Students, and Workers 

You may get a tourist, worker, or student visa to stay in Brampton or any other Canadian city for a specific period. Here, any of the top 10 immigration consultants in Brampton help you to get the respective visas. Simultaneously, the experts always remain ready to resolve your queries. The experts also access the approval chances of a client for a tourist, student, or work visa. 

Additional Roles by the Consultants 

Canadian immigration consultants assist clients with permanent residential appeals, refugee claims, family sponsorship, and express entry claims in any of the Canadian cities. Regardless of the type of visa you want and your situation, immigration consultants ensure that you get your visa with less possible time and effort. 

Considerations to Choose Immigration Consultants 

Whether you want a permanent visa, student visa, or tourist visa for entering Canadian borders, select the right immigration consultant to ease your documentation and related tasks. The points to consider for this are-

Licensed Consultants 

Before you should finalize your deal, look for immigration consultancies supported or headed by licensed RCICs. 

The Credibility of the Consultancy

Make sure to determine the credibility of any immigration consultant in Brampton based on the number of applications processed by its experts successfully. If possible, you should check the portfolio of a particular company before the final selection. 

Online Reviews and Recommendations 

Online reviews and recommendations are the two valuable sources to collect information about immigration consultants or individual service providers. Hence, once you check the credibility and license, you should check and read online reviews about the specific immigration consultant. Simultaneously, you should get valuable recommendations from your family members and friends. 

Personalized Attention

Personalized attention is a key point to consider when choosing an immigration consultant in Brampton. A trustworthy consultant always considers your financial aspects, job roles, and other relevant details comprehensively. Accordingly, such an expert may guide you appropriately and increases the chance of approving your application.  

Why Hire Immigration Consultants in Brampton

Immigration consultants may provide valuable assistance with your visa application process to make sure you meet every requirement to get the required Canadian visa. Key benefits to hiring one of the top 10 immigration consultants in Brampton area

Increase the Chance of Your Visa Approval

The prime benefit of hiring immigration consultants is that they increase the chance of your visa approval regardless of its type and the formalities involved in it. 

Professional Help to Prepare Your Application

Applying for a visa in Canada involves tons of documentation and paperwork, which may be confusing and overwhelming for many people. Luckily, your approached consultant will assist you to prepare the required documentation and paperwork related to your visa application. These professionals may advise you on the required documents, steps to fill out your application forms accurately, and steps to follow for the timely submission of your application. 

Speed up the Visa Processing Period 

The visa processing period varies in different cities in Canada and according to the type of visa application. However, your hired immigration consultants expedite the entire process by making sure to complete your application accurately and submit it timely. Such experts also track your application and take regular follow-ups from relevant authorities to expedite the overall processing period. 

Reduce the Chance to Commit Mistakes 

Experts of immigration consultancy reduce your chance of committing mistakes while applying for a tourist, work, student, or permanent visa. They thoroughly review your application to identify any errors and guide you to correct them in no time.


Hiring one of the top 10 immigration consultants in Brampton Canada let you ensure legal and safe entry to the country. Canadian immigration consultants possess enough training to work with anyone who wants to settle or travel in Brampton or any other Canadian city. Such experts are well-versed in the necessary regulations and legal rights to make the complete immigration process straightforward for the clients.  

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