Best Indian Restaurants in Brampton

Brampton is a city full of diversity and culture. It has more than 64 percent of its visible minority population identifying as South Asian. Accordingly, Brampton offers an unlimited selection of delicious Indian cuisine based on reputed Indian restaurants and chains of restaurants operating all over the city. Here, you will know the top 10 Indian restaurants in Brampton to try at least once. 

List of Top 10 Indian Restaurants Briefly 

1. Indian Sweet Master


Phone Number-+1 905-450-2800

2. Annalakshmi Group of Restaurants


Phone Number-+1 905-230-3672

3. Bombay Palace in Brampton


Phone Number-+1 905-799-9777

4. Mirch Masala Authentic Indian Restaurant


Phone Number-+1 905-459-8200

5. Tandoori Flame of Brampton


Phone Number-+1 905-451-1686

6. Nawaab Saab Restaurant 


Phone Number-+1 905-840-9090

7. Indian Curry Express and Bar


Phone Number-+1 905-450-4300

8. Mehfill Indian Cuisine


Phone Number-+1 905-230-4444

9. King Tandoori Bar and Grill


Phone Number-+1 905-459-3939

10. Patiala House 


Phone Number-+1 905-451-2015

Reasons to Choose the Top-Rated Brampton Restaurants

We have chosen the top-rated Indian restaurants in Brampton, Canada by considering multiple criteria. These include the quality of foods and cuisines served, dining experience, success rates, client reviews, and reputation and dedication towards running the restaurant business. Other than that, restaurant chains not only need to serve quality and tasty dishes but also welcome their guests warmly. Therefore, we have also analyzed the internal ambiance, customization, and hospitality before rating them to the category of top 10 restaurants.   

What do Indian Restaurants in Brampton serve?

Reputed Indian Restaurants in Brampton have impressed Indian people by providing varieties of tasty non-vegetarian and vegetarian dishes with unique tastes. A few such Indian dishes are butter chicken masala, chicken tikka, aloo paratha, samosa chat, dal makhani, dal fry, paneer masala, and many more. Sweet dish lovers may satisfy their sweet tooth in Brampton Indian restaurants with gulab jamun, halwa, brownie, and ras malai with Indian-flavored ice creams. 

How much cost to visit Indian Restaurants in Brampton

Indian restaurants in Brampton serve as the right place for satisfying Indian taste buds and flavors at pocket-friendly prices. Whether you take a few refreshments with beverages, enjoy lunch, or experience fine dining, you will expect to spend only a few dollars without making any compromise on the food taste or quality. In most restaurants, you may enjoy any Indian main course dish from $15 to $20 while starters, mocktails, and desserts are up to $10.   

Why visit Indian Restaurants in Brampton

A few years ago, non-residential Indians show their interest in visiting eateries offering Indian dishes there. The reason is that Indians settled in Canada, the United States, and the United Kingdom want to get a taste of Indian food even when they stay away from their home country. However, today the scenario has changed completely.  

Indian food items have now become the most liked foods in foreign countries as well. The liking and change in taste have inspired many foreigners especially Canadian people to visit Indian restaurants in Brampton. Key aspects of visiting Brampton eateries offering Indian dishes include the following-

Use of Indian Spices 

The use of several tasty Indian kitchen-based spices is the prime reason behind the excellent aroma and mouth-watering taste of Indian foods. Regardless of the type of Indian dish, reputed restaurants in Brampton use Indian dishes while preparing their dishes. These spices are cardamon, cloves, coriander and cumin seeds, black pepper, ajwain, and many more.   

Simple Recipes 

Indian recipes are simple to prepare and easy to digest for almost everyone. People working in Brampton and other Canadian cities often fail to get time to prepare Indian food. In this situation, such individuals may visit their nearby Indian restaurants to satisfy their appetites.

Flavor-rich Foods

For a long time, chefs and other common people always consider flavor-rich foods as the best food. Luckily, the top 10 Indian restaurants in Brampton always prepare Indian dishes and cuisines by using a perfect mixture of tasty flavors to try the dish at least for one time in life. Indian food is the perfect blend of almost every essential herb and spice, all of which intend to give an outstanding flavor. Besides great taste, restaurants serving Indian foods in Brampton turn on their customers’ moods to bring a big smile to their faces.  

Unlimited Options are Available 

If you open the menu card of any good Indian restaurant, you will get plenty of options to select from. Whether it is snacks, main courses, mocktails, beverages, or desserts, there are plenty of options with varieties available.    

Things to Know while Choosing Indian Restaurants in Brampton

Are you curious about the right Indian restaurant to visit to enjoy your weekend with family members or friends? You should know the following things when you select a particular Indian restaurant in Brampton.


You must check every nook of an Indian restaurant before placing an order for food. In simple words, ambiance should be the first deciding factor when deciding to enjoy food with your family members and/or friends. If you visit any Indian restaurant, you will expect to experience an authentic Indian atmosphere. Here, the authenticity comes up with mesmerizing aromas with a beautiful décor that features rich tapestries and sculptures surrounded by harmony, rhythm, and melodious music.


After this, you must check the cleanliness and hygiene of a restaurant to select for enjoying lunch or dinner. 

Restaurant’s Menu 

Whenever you enter an Indian restaurant, you notice the first thing is its menu. Indeed, the purpose of visiting a particular place is to enjoy delicious food and valuable time. In this situation, the food menu forms an important factor, as the type of served food tells many things about the restaurant’s taste choice.

Service and Hospitality 

India-based dining experiences have a reputation for their welcoming atmospheres. Look for an Indian restaurant that has well-trained staff to let you relax and feel pampered. Moreover, the hospitality of an Indian eatery is according to the principle ‘Atithi Devo Bhaba’ that implies every guest is God. Hence, look for a restaurant where you may get the highest possible service level and respect from its management and other staff. What makes you happier than feeling at home even while having your favorite food with your close ones?


There are many Indian restaurants to visit, and try your favorite dishes in Brampton. You should analyze your requirements and do some research work to come up with the best deal.  

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