Best Nail Salons in Brampton

Manicures, pedicures, and nail enhancements have recently become the sought-after services in the beauty sector. The development of such services has flourished a new business of nail salons or nail bars with time. If you are not aware of the functions of a nail salon or finding difficulty finding the right nail bar, you should read our blog post. Here, we have shared the top 10 nail salons in Brampton and a few aspects of good nail salons or nail bars.

List of Top 10 Nail Salons in Brampton 

BodyPro Beauty


Phone Number-905-790-0037

Queen Nails Spa


Phone Number-905-792-3535

Princess Nails and Spa


Phone Number-416-792-7739

Deluxe Nails Spa Brampton


Phone Number-905-459-6888

Exclusive Nails and Spa


Phone Number-905-970-9909

We Love Nails 


Phone Number-905-216-8886

Breeze Nail and Spa


Phone Number-905-453-3939

Sweet Lavender Nails & Spa


Phone Number-905-789-8558

Super Diva Nails and Spa


Phone Number-905-456-8261

Y2K Nails


Phone Number-905-792-5030

What do nail salons do?

Nail salons are establishments responsible for offering nail beautification services for both women and men. These salons have nail technicians to provide a wide range of services for their clients’ hands and feet. These include manicures and pedicures, nail repair, nail polish application, and hand/feet treatments. 

Common Tasks of a Nail Technician in a Nail Salon

  • Discuss the client’s requirements in detail 
  • Advice on the appropriate nail care treatment. 
  • Provide a few common services, like manicures, pedicures, filing, cleaning, removing old nail polish, applying artificial nails, and others
  • Apply foot and hand massages 
  • Sanitize every nail instrument before every use

Criteria to Choose the Best Nail Salon in Brampton

Before you should visit a nail salon, you must shortlist the top 10 nail salons in Brampton based on the following criteria-

Expertise in Nail Technicians 

The expertise of nail technicians depends solely on the training they receive in nail styling arts. Besides, their expertise also comes with talent and experience. An expert technician may apply several techniques and the latest designs while handling your nails. A few experienced technicians may even instruct you in taking care of the nails along with providing high-quality nail enhancement solutions at the end of your day.

Cleanliness of a Nail Salon

Top 10 nail salons in Brampton strongly emphasize maintaining hygiene in their entire premises. They let their customers feel safe and comfortable while getting services. Make sure to choose an establishment that has spotless workstations and floors. Furthermore, good salons disinfect their equipment regularly.

Wide Range of Services 

Reputed nail salons in Brampton and other Canadian cities adopt the most advanced technique to perform nail arts. They deliver a wide range of services to let clients select the best one according to their nail requirements. 

Price of Nail Salons 

Realizing value for your invested money is a fundament aspect while choosing nail salons. Hence, we recommend you look for a salon that charges pocket-friendly prices without any compromise on the offered service standards.


Properly groomed and shaped nails are essential accessories to give an edge to your style and give you an elegant look. Hence, check a few essential criteria to select the best salon for your nail treatment in Brampton.

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