Best Dentists in Brampton

Many people today have started focusing on dental health and regularly visit dentists in their nearby areas in Brampton. Even though a visit to a dental office involves anxiety to some level, regular dental checkup gives you many benefits along with good oral health. You will know a few things related to the top 10 dentists in Brampton. 

List of Top 10 Dentists in Brampton

1. Dr. Sonia Sharma


Phone Number-+1 905-840-3456

2. Mayfield Dental


Phone Number-+1 905-840-0225

3. Dentistry on Lakeshore


Phone Number-+1 905-278-0100

4. Thornhill On Yonge Dental Centre


Phone Number-+1 416-855-0201

5. Dr. F. Keshavarz Dentistry 


Phone Number-+1 905-791-3867

6. Dr. Elizabeth Dimovski


Phone Number-+1 905-458-6620

7. Nanwood Dental Clinic


Phone Number-905 874 8555

8. DreamCrest Dental Care Dentistry


Phone Number-905 451-5151

9. Brampton Dental Arts


Phone Number- +1 905-581-3726

10. South Brampton Dental Office 


Phone Number-+1 905-453-3384

We have listed the names of the top 10 dentists in Brampton based on their qualifications, operating licenses, experience, and expertise in their operational sectors. We have checked the reviews, ratings, and recommendations of previous patients. We have even checked the comfort and technology/equipment used by dental professionals or clinics in Brampton.

What are the functions of dentists?

Dentists or teeth doctors in Brampton have a specialization in oral health. Accordingly, they diagnose any oral disease and create treatment plans to restore or maintain the patient’s oral health. Besides, a few dentists also interpret X-rays and diagnostic tests to monitor the teeth’ growth and development with their surrounding jaw bones. 

Depending on the underlying treatment, dentists may analyze to administer anesthesia to patients safely. A few of the top 10 dentists in Brampton even manage oral trauma and deal with several emergencies.  

What to Expect in a Dental Visit

Visit to one of the top 10 dentists in Brampton consists of the following parts, which include-

Oral Examination 

Your dentist will examine the underlying oral condition, which includes your teeth, tongue, and gums as a part of regular checkups. Moreover, they will collect X-rays to get a better idea of any issue related to your teeth, bones, or gums. 

Dental Cleaning 

Dentists will use small mirrors, scrapers, and other similar tools to allow dental cleansing of tartar or plaque buildup. 

Follow-up Plan

Your dentist will give you a follow-up plan and let you schedule appointments in case your oral condition requires further work. These include but are not limited to dental filling, dentures, root canal treatment, and dental implantation treatment. 

Why You Should Regularly Visit a Dentist

Regular visits to one of the top 10 dentists in Brampton will give you the following benefits-

Avoid Future Dental Problems

A visit to one of the top 10 dentists in Brampton may help you to prevent dental problems in the future. The reason is that the dentist will identify concerns, which may lead to big issues later. For instance, your dentist may identify the development of plaque buildup, the presence of a small cavity, and gum diseases early. Besides, your dentist may screen for early signs related to oral cancer and related problems. 

Save Your Teeth

In some cases, a tooth decays excessively and the dentist compels to pull it out. Losing even a single tooth may adversely affect your oral health. Many times, tooth/teeth loss leads to shifting of surrounding teeth on their own. Such a condition causes discomfort and changes your smile. In contrast, you may reverse the situation and save your teeth with your regular dental appointment.  

Awareness of Dental Hygiene

Dentists create awareness of proper dental hygiene, which consists of regular brushing and flossing for one time in a day.

What to Look for Choosing a Dentist in Brampton

Whenever you shortlist the top 10 dentists in Brampton, you should check the following-

Experience and Qualification

Before you should schedule your oral appointment, you should check whether a dentist has the required qualification and years of experience. Especially, you should choose the one who has a license from a reputed dental surgery institute in Brampton of Canada. Also, your selected dentist must have a good reputation in the community of dental health. 

Recommendations and References 

Recommendations and reviews play a significant role in finding the right professional for every type of service. The same rule is applicable while searching for dentists. Hence, you should look for recommendations from your family members, relatives, and close friends, who have visited dentists in the past. 

Simultaneously, the online medium has a vital role in a wise selection. For this, you should check and read online reviews to know the experience of previous patients with a dentist in Brampton.

Technology and Equipment

Once you check the online reviews and recommendations, you should analyze the technologies and equipment used by a dental office. Especially, you should look for one that equips with innovative technology, like digital X-rays, comfortable dental chairs, and similar others. The inclusion of modern chairs and devices not only diagnose problems accurately but also avoid patients’ anxiety level.  

Location of a Dental Office

The location of a dental clinic is a significant factor to choose the right dentist. You should choose the one located conveniently near your workplace or home. By doing so, you do not need to travel far to schedule appointments. 

Cost and Payment Options

Cost is also a considerable factor to choose a dentist. Even though your selection should never depend solely on charges, you should look for the one that fits your budget. Moreover, many dental clinics give multiple payment options, like finance, insurance, and payment plans. Never forget to discuss the available options before scheduling your appointment. 

Never Overlook the Comfort Factor 

Make sure to look for a dentist, with whom you may feel comfortable. Check whether the dentist is trustworthy to communicate about your oral health. You get the best possible care with a positive experience at your selected dental office. 


Dentists play a vital role in maintaining good dental health and your overall well-being. Search for the right dentist to achieve improved dental health and a big smile.

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